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AEL is a specialist supplier of quality market leading Control and Automation Products (IEC, UL, CSA, NEMA) that meet and exceed industry standards. Explore our range now

Air Circuit Breakers


-Air Circuit Breakers are the best solution for restoring the service condition rapidly in case of fault, providing at the same time optimum protection of the electrical installation.

– From the miniature circuit-breakers to the molded-case and air circuit breakers of the standard and high-breaking capacity type, with the AEL range, every technical problem has been solved.

-A reliable and advanced reply which, thanks to the
interaction of electronics, is also present today in the
control and operation stages of electrical installations.  

Changeover Switches


-Our change-over and transfer switches are designed to
transfer loads from one power source to another in a wide
variety of applications.

-The range includes switches from 16 to 2500 Amperes,
which can be operated manually, remotely by using a
motor or automatically



-The range comprises 4 and 5.5 kW mini-contactors, block
contactors up to 560 kW (AC3), installation contactors for
domestics and industrial use, bar-mounted contactors,
thermal and electronics overload relays, and a wide range
of add-on accessories ensuring flexibility and adaptability
to customer specifications.

Electronic Products and Relays


-AEL provide low voltage electronic relays (thermistor

-timer relay

-monitoring relays

-safety relays,
-interface relays

-solid state relays

-as well as protective relays for generators, transformers and substations. 



  • Single family houses
  • Multiple dwellings
  • Industrial constructions like office and administration buildings, airports to special products

Efficient enclosures and cable systems are used wherever power is metered and distributed. 

Form 4 Type Mains Boards


-Complete factory built assemblies can be specified for
individual projects, on which the factory will be pleased to

Manual Motor Starters


-Manual Motor Starters (MMS) are protection devices for
the main circuit.

-They combine motor control and protection in a single device. 



-We offer a comprehensive range of reliable and high
efficiency motors and generators for all applications.

-We have what it takes to help every industry and application reach new levels of efficiency and energy savings even under the most demanding conditions.
-Combining the best available materials with superior
technology, the electric motors and generators are
designed to operate reliably no matter how challenging the
process or application, and to have low life cycle costs.

Moulded Case Circuit Breakers


-AEL offers one of the most comprehensive lines of MCCB’s
with current ratings from 16A to 3200A and interrupt ratings
up to 200kA at 480V.

-Geared for Industrial, Commercial and OEM applications, when it comes to ready availability, easy installation, and quality, you need a supplier you can trust.

-The products we supply are engineered to take on
the most demanding conditions day after day 

Miniature Circuit Breakers


-AEL can provide MCBs that are recognized by UL and CSA as supplementary circuit protectors in systems rated 240VAC and 480VAC.
-MCBs are approved per IEC-898 and VDE 0641, and
certified under IEC-947 and VDE 0660 standards for use in
systems rated 415VAC. MCBs can be applied to 16 2/3Hz
– 400Hz and DC power systems.

-Continuous current ratings are as low as 0.2 amperes and up to 63 amperes maximum.

-MCBs are of compact size and can be quickly mounted on standard 35mm DIN rail or can be front mounted by use of a front mounting kit.

-MCBs include line and load side terminals for conductors from 18 through 4AWG (0.75 – 25mm2 ). 

Pilot Devices


-AEL offers several ranges of Pilot Devices.

-The Modular Range includes operators, holders, contact blocks, lamp blocks and LED blocks that can be combined to get the required function.

-Snap on feature reduces installation time and spring loaded tabs ensure that actuators and legend plates are in correct position



-AEL is the supplier of choice for small equipment control
applications to complex systems like web presses and
distributed systems.

-AEL supply some of the fastest and most reliable PLC’s available.

Switch Disconnectors


-The switch-disconnector is largely used as the main switch
in low voltage switchgear for distribution of power, starting
and stopping motors and isolating loads during



-From 16 to 1250 Amp, up to 690V.
-The switch fuse is used as the main switch in low voltage
switchgears in the industry for distributing power and protecting motors, cables and other devices against short circuits and overloads. 

Slimline Switch fuses


-The compact design of Slim Line fuses offer space saving
solutions for the end user.

-This results in a cost effective switchboard system for a number of applications. 



-Softstarters are compact, multi-functional, easy to install,
and easy to program.

-They are designed to control acceleration and deceleration of three-phase motors, with options available for current ranges from 3.6 amp through 1,810 amp



-Improved usage of storage facilities and more efficient dispatching of products give faster turnaround with increased profitability.

-AEL offers services and products based on an in-depth knowledge of the process and field proven solutions.  

Variable Speed (Frequency) Drives


-A variable speed drive can reduce energy consumption by
as much as 60%.

-For a 90 kW motor in continuous duty, this can mean over £9,000 per year.

-This is because the variable speed drive reduces the amount of energy drawn by the motor.

Distribution Boards


We offer a wide range of main distribution boards for every
application, including modular conceptions, distinguished
by multiple combination and customized construction

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