Earthing Conductors and Ground Fault Detection

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-The conductor is the most important component of any earthing or structural lightning protection system. We offer three types of conductor:

  • Flat tape
  • Solid circular¬†
  • Stranded cable

-A range of conductor materials are available.

  • Above ground, copper, aluminium and steel may be used
  • Below ground, copper is the most common choice due to its high resistance to corrosion.


-It is important that earthing conductors should be correctly sized for their application, as they may be required to carry a considerable current for several seconds.

Earthing Materials


-As with lightning protection, the first choice faced by the designer of an earthing system is the type of conductor to be used.

-The correct choice of conductor is extremely important, whether it be a simple below ground electrode or a complex computer room signal reference grid. 

Electronics Systems Protection


-Protection devices meet protection requirements at service entrance and local to equipment (to BS EN 62305) on all incoming / outgoing data & telecoms lines. 

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