AEL is a specialist supplier of IEC, UL & CSA Fuses to support your Electrical Circuit Protection installations . Explore our range of Low Voltage & Medium Voltage fuses.

IEC General Purpose Fuses


-The better your over-current protection, the easier it is to minimize downtime and repair bills.

-Amp-Trap 2000® current-limiting fuses are a perfect example — they open in less than one-quarter cycle to provide the Type “2” protection that prevents costly equipment damage.

UL-CSA General Purpose Fuses


-Unique dimensions for today’s smaller equipment and components.

-Fast-acting general purpose fuse developed in response to the industry’s demand for smaller equipment and components.

-The only fuse in their size with a full 600 VAC rating for all ampere ratings by UL standard 248-14 and CSA No. 59.2, and are the only fuses of this size with an interrupting rating of 100kA RMS.

-SBS fuses are 1-3/8” long, smaller by 1/8” than most standard midget fuses and are available in 22 ampere ratings, from 2/10A to 30A. 

Miniature Fuses


-For maximum protection in minimum space, look to our expansive line of miniature and glass fuses.

-It offers a broad scope of solutions for electronic applications, including sub-miniature and automotive fuses. 

Semiconductor Protection Fuses


-AEL’s extensive line of fuses is matched by our selection of fuse blocks and holders.

-Choose from a wide range of traditional and space-saving fuse blocks, panel-mount and in-line holders, modular semiconductor fuse holders and more.

Medium Voltage Fuses


-Most fuses have two elements in parallel, ensuring satisfactory operation at much smaller values of overcurrent than is possible with single element fuse.
-The elements are wound on a ceramic former, thus ensuring correct spacing of the elements from the body wall and from each other and hence giving assurance of correct operation in service. 

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