Industrial and Hazardous Area Lighting

AEL have key relations with major International Manufacturers to support Hazardous Areas & Explosive Atmospheres globally in various regions that require IECEx, ATEX, INMETRO, TR CU & UL Standards. Explore our range of Industrial and Hazardous Area Lighting

IECEx & UL LED Luminaries

Our Range

-AEL provides an extensive collection of LED luminaries that offer innovative solutions for offshore, harsh and industrial environments.

Portable IECEx & UL Lamps


-A modern way of illuminating hazardous confined spaces.
-Our portable Ex lamps have been designed especially for use in industrial environments.

-They have been certified for Zone 1 or more and are particularly easy to handle and light in weight.

IECEx & UL Floodlights


-Ex floodlight in metal design.

-Also available as portable version.

-Easy handling due to low weight

IECEx & UL Pendant Light Fittings


-AEL provides Ex-Ceiling, pendant lights and floodlights that are designed for area-illumination at medium/high luminaire installations.

-Specially used at offshore platforms or within outdoor areas of onshore refineries.

-Illumination of loading zones as well as harbour areas our floodlights are also the first choice for installation.

IECEx & UL Searchlights


-Powerful and explosion-protected portable searchlight

-Suitable for use in a damp environment.

IECEx & UL Linear Lighting


-Ex fluorescent light fittings can be used all over the world and are suited for lighting applications in hazardous areas where special requirements apply, e.g. offshore platforms in the North Sea or refineries in the Middle East.

-The different light fitting families allow their optimum use in various environments.

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IECEx & UL Escape Sign Light Fittings


-Our escape sign luminaires can be adapted to suit the requirements of our customers and can be used for central or local emergency lighting systems in hazardous areas.
-Robust polycarbonate and aluminium enclosures, an energy saving LED technology and a high degree of protections are the special characteristics of these luminaires.

IECEx & UL Helideck Lighting


-A helideck status-light system should be installed if the condition on the offshore structure may be hazardous for the helicopter or its occupants, for example, gas alarms.
-The system should be visible 360° around the offshore structure with a flash rate of 120 flashes per minute.

-It should also be fully automatic and controlled by means of a control panel in combination with the platform’s gas-detection system.

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