Power Supplies

AEL is a specialist supplier Highly Efficient, Compact & Lightweight DIN rail Power Supplies. Explore our range now

Industrial Power Supplies


-Our suppliers design and manufacture the DIN rail power supplies for industrial applications and this has allowed them to develop premium pioneering products.
-Some of the small sizes, industry leading efficiencies, ease of integration into machines and systems, very comprehensive datasheets, outstanding over-load behavior are just some of the features which make our manufacturers the leaders in technology for DIN rail power supplies  

Slimline Power Supplies


-Supplied by AEL SDR-75 series (75W) makes the high efficiency slim DIN rail power product line more complete.

-Now, the diverse wattages of 75W, 120W, 240W, 480W and 960W are available for users’ selection.

-The slim design of 32mm in width helps save the precious space on the rail and also makes it 41% smaller in size compare to its predecessor model DR75.
-Meanwhile, SDR-75 also possesses 9~12.5% higher efficiency than corresponding models and the working temperature ranges from -30 ~ +70 degrees Celsius is superior to the range of -10 ~ +60 degree Celsius of DR-75, which responsed to the trend of green power with energy saving concept.  

ATEX Approved Power Supplies


-For use in hazardous locations, the DC/DC converters in the CD5 series have already been successfully approved for ATEX.

-These units have been tested according to EN 60079-15 and can be used in Zone 2, category 3G hazardous systems.
-Due to a number of requests, a selection of power supplies has also been ATEX-approved.

-Unlike with DC/DC converters, a separate order number is required for these power supplies since changes in the design had to be conducted.  

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