Seacon Underwater connectors – Underwater Electrical & Fiber Optic Connectors

TE / Seacon Underwater Connectors, for military marine, offshore oil and gas, ROV, and oceanographic research applications. The complete
underwater connectors for harsh offshore environments serving the global marine and oil and gas industry.

AEL is a specialist supplier of TE /Seacon Underwater Connectors and Fiber Optic Connectors, thought-out the middle east from our Middle East Office in Baku Azerbaijan. TE / Seacon Underwater and Subsea Connectors offers over 2,500 underwater connector technology and solutions.

Products include electrical dry-mate, optical hybrid dry-mate, electrical underwater mateable, electrical wet-mate, optical underwater mateable connectors, downhole, field installable, underwater switches, penetrators, and specialty products.

Explore our range of Seacon underwater connectors from our Middle East branch below or get in touch with our sales team for more information.

55 Series


-This TE Connectivity SEACON Connector series of underwater electrical connectors has design features superior to other industry standard connectors. It is also compatible and interchangeable with them.

-The 55 SERIES of dry-mate connectors are available in 5 shell sizes and are manufactured from 316L Stainless Steel as standard, although other materials such as Titanium, Aluminium Bronze and Alloy 625 are also available as options. 



-Originally SEACON’s well established MINI-CON range was originally developed for the purpose of supplying small diameter, high density and high pressure connectors.

-The mini-con is dry mateable, and thereby this connector series is manufactured from 316 Stainless Steel as standard. Although other materials are available upon request including Titanium and Monel®.

-The inserts are manufactured from GLASS REINFORCED EPOXY (GRE) with copper alloy, gold plated contacts although glass sealed inserts are also available for high pressure applications.

-The MINI-CON series also offers optical and hybrid versions along with PBOF, PBOF-HP (High Pressure), reversed miniature inserts and self wiping miniatures. 

Wet-Con and Micro Wet Con


-This TE Connectivity SEACON WET-CON connector series was developed to provide inexpensive yet reliable rubber molded connectors that allow the user to make and break connections both on the surface and underwater.

The small size offers the same flexibility and reliability as our rubber molded connectors, in a light-weight and user friendly model.
Manufactured using only high quality materials, the WET-CON bulkhead connector’s metal shell is produced using DGS 1043 (UK spec) or CA630 per QQ-C-465 as standard, although other materials are available upon request including PEEK (Polyetheretherketone).

Contacts are gold plated to MIL-G-45204 providing superior corrosion resistance.

The Micro WET-CON series allows for smaller through ports in a pressure vessel and a greater density of conductors in a compact area 

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